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Motel Darlene

'Absence of Uniformity'

Darlene & Co. "Absence of Uniformity"

'Motel Darlene'

Welcome, Biin dig gain, Bienvenue, Benvignût, Bienvenidos, Tervetuloa ... you get the idea. 

I'm so thrilled that you have come by to share two of my great passions:  the Road and Photography.  I've been so blessed to be able to have a skill that takes me all over the world.  In fact, i've found that even my own backyard is so big, leaving the country or even the province isn't even always necessary...though you can't keep a bird from flying. 

Here in the Motel Darlene Gallery are some of my favorite people and well as some oddities.  The World beyond is so majical, we only have to open our eyes to see it all. 

Happy exploration.

Soon, these photographs will be available in print form for yourself or as a great gift. 

Contact for more info.

Meanwhile, i hope you enjoy the Gallery.  If there are any folk you see that interest you further, be sure to stop by the Links page, and look them up.


Darlene's photo albumEntrance to the Gallery: fans and onlookers welcome!

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