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Community Links are the People in my World. They have inspired me, encouraged me, supported me & taught me more than I ever could have imagined. If you like what I do, you will love what these folk do. They are my family.

Interested in particular kinds of music? I've tried to 'ugh' categorize the different styles of music, so that you might find what you like more quickly...though i highly recommend trying something new. All of my clan are amazing at what they do, and you might just find yourself enjoying a brand new type of music you've not listened to before. Many of the artists here are in more than one category, as most cross over into different styles.


Alternative Folk

Andras Jones
actor/political activist/folk-pop singer/web dj ...truly one of a kind - a bringer together of people and firm believer that IT can be done!

Anne Feeney

Erin Benjamin
...i keep calling Erin -Canada's hottest country star that doesn't know it ...gracious melodies, vocals and sweet finger pick'n

Jory Nash

Kristin Sweetland

...intricate guitar, curious subject matters, from long long ago
...we often like to get into BIG trouble together!

Laura Freeman
...Laura Freeman: Offbeat Magazine says it best..."a lovably roughish character
...a cross between Betty Boop & Bette Midler"

Liam Titcomb
good genes? yes! This young man has found his path & is wasting no time. It's in his blood

Lorna Hunt
.. I love her voice, her wonderful hospitality......and her

Melwood Cutlery
...Melwood's voice alone is a one-of-a-kind. Melancholic and Melodic

Mike West

Myshkin's Ruby Warblers

...sharply lyrical - a poetic stream of conscious thought...a voice to bewitch the angels
...oh, and her guitar playing rocks! (she also gave me my favourite recipe for popcorn!)

Ramsey & Vaan

Trevor Mills

Ursula Burns
...Ursula Burns is a delight; a harpist whose horns show and we like it! Get me off the table!


Les Batinses
...Les Batinses are by far, my favorite band of '02. They keep traditions Quebecois music alive, while giving it a new twist. Wanna dance your face off? or be blown away by musicianship?

The Bill Hilly Band

...clan who keep their culture, traditions and music, while twisting it around your soul

Maza Mezé
...this amazing group based in Toronto create some of my favourite Whooping music( akin to bellydancing. Exceptional musicians)

Oliver Schroer
...Oliver has reinvented the fiddle as a voice which sings, cries, laughs and dances various 'fractals'

Still on the Hill
...true folk artists thru and thru. These folk live the life, share it, spread it, sing it, and make their own instruments when they have to. They also have an awesome kids show called 'Toucan Jam'

Sweet Water Women


Blues/Folk Rock

Archie Lee Hooker

...yes, Archie Lee Hooker is related to the Man - nephew.
There must be something in the blood

Alun Piggins
...a true Canadian legend,
only most don't know it yet


Aengus Finnan
...the celt comes thru this man big time. Stories and melodies to take you back

The Be Good Tanyas
...these gals sing the sweetest i ever heard gals sing

Bob Snider
...don't judge a book by it's cover, and you will's all very simple really - Bob sings the truth the way a child speaks it

Chuck Brodsky
...there is something exquisite about this man's voice and stories. He also has a great album out with baseball songs!

Daisy May
...such a cool and interesting voice on this gal. I like to imagine her kickin' back on a bale of hay watching a lunar eclipse.

David Francey
...David sings it like it is, with a melody and a hammer

Jan Bell / Melissa Carper
Don't mean to lump 2 fantastic gals together, but the music they make together does something special to me. Their album 'Songs for my Baby' was my favorite album of '03

Libby Kirkpatrick

...want to melt to a voice of an angel? and be massaged by melody?

Peter Wilde
a true folk hero of my peers. One of the few artists who has had a tribute album while still alive

Ron Nigrini
...Ron Nigrini is an angel - send here to remind us of things long forgotten...and
the music!!!

Sari Brown
Sari is a spark - waiting to ignite you. I marvel at the youth of today who get right up on their train. Singing & playing right from where she is

Serena Ryder

Seth Bernard

We are all born for something & when we answer our calling, we fall into the rhythms & the poetry of Life itself. This is Seth Bernard

Sonny Ochs
i liked Sonny the moment i met her in a south Tx Hotel washroom. No
bones about her. She is a carrier and caretaker of America's Folk Music and the works of her late brother Phil. you can catch her radio show at, 1st Sun/mth 4-8pm

Still on the Hill

The Wailin' Jennys
Seems that often, 3 is the majic number. Cara Luft, Nicky Mehta and Ruth Moody - 3 wonderful soloists who like to stir the pot together. Sweet is the flavour

Wally Page

Soft Alternative

Ashley Cox
...this woman is a hard working musician. Just check out her site, and you'll know what i mean

Lisa Patterson

In Yer Face Rock Cabaret

Bitch and Animal
...word & music not for the meek, tho they could use it for sure

Jack Lukeman
...ooooh, you want this man to sing you to sleep, unless he's rock'n those hips

Chris Chandler


Ember Swift


Anne Feeney
...union maid, hellraiser and labour singer. What's not to love?

Chris Chandler
...Chris Chandler puts what is so obvious on your plate and makes you eat it, and you know what? You'll like it! Probably because his delivery is like none other, and will perplex your whole state of reality

Ember Swift

Myshkin's Ruby Warblers


Brian Qtn

Ember Swift
...these gals are true indie artists; spreading their word and incredible work all over the globe.

Jory Nash
...the rhythms, the silky voice, the melodies that you will hum in your sleep

Maya Dorn
...groovy, slinky, hauntingly melodic, and beautiful thru and thru

Steppin in It

music to shake yer booty by - awesome people, great musicians, good vibrations


Little Red HensLittle Red Hens
...a Collective, of good friends, living out their dreams together whenever possible

Roots Traditional

the Bill Hilly Band (aka The Bills)
Holy cow! Put a bunch of virtuousos together, and take up knitting. There is no keeping up with these lads, unless you are on
the dance floor

David Francey

Brian Qtn
...Brian Qtn: how many ways do i love this man. He is clever, complexly simple, magical, timelessly spiritual. A writer of Universal Truth

Johny Mulhern
...i alway thot of johny as the Sid Vicious of Eire. Perhaps it was just his hair.
Johny loves Turkey, and so he cooks it into his music, and sings like a banshee on opium

New Orleans Jazz Vipers

The real thing my friends...transporting you back to the days of old-timey N'Awlins - smokey bars and late night hours ... acoustic like never before.

Laura Freeman

Lisa Patterson
we go waaayyyy back to the '80's ol' London days. Lisa is constantly expanding herself - from sax player to keyboards to vocalist. Her life is an art

Mike West
...this man is my hero. Like Tom Waits, he has not recorded a bad song. New Orleans Levee-Billy Music

Myshkin's Ruby Warblers

Ever long for the country music of old? ...with unusual voices and quirky personality? Here it is in one package ... a true minstrel/troubadour of old, in a young body

Ramsey & Vaan
...Bart Ramsey & Neti Vaan are some of the true Troubadours on this planet, steeped in the south

Serena Ryder

...balls to the wall vocals, guitar, writing (we also like to get into some trouble!)

Still on the Hill

Trevor Mills
...fresh to the poverty of professional musichood, this man is already rich with talent

Ursula Burns

The Wailin' Jennys

Wally Page
...this man can make you cry in your beer, or dance on the table, depending on his mood. What a singer! what a writer! what a player! what a drinker!


Music Business

Audio Valley Recording Studio

Favourite Venues

The Townehouse Tavern

The Blacksheep Inn

Visual Artists

Beadwork by Margo
...Margo is from Lacombe LA, and is the real thing, creating magnificent buckskin crafts and beadwork, all done in the traditional manner of her ancestors

Nature Images by Paul Browne
Angela Browne Photography
...2 wonderful fotographers, doing what they do best

Peter Zwarich
...Peter is a guy who's always up to of which is film. Together we produced an awesome DVD of the Road Dog Divas, Mudpie Music (kids show with laura freeman and myself), and my Festival Whoop Workshop.

Shandragh Artists
...Paddy and Penny are folk who have made their dreams come true. They are wonderful stone & wood carvers with whom i visited whenever possible on Rathlin Isl, Nthern. Eirland

White Trash Ink
...David Wiewel has an eye. Two, in fact, that see
twice as much as the average person. Capturing
people and images with a unique sense.

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