sweetwater women photo by David WiewelSweet Water Women is comprised of four women: Darlene, Deborah, Linda and Marilyn Kwe and are based in Northern Ontario, Canada


Sweet Water Women

Sweet Water Women have come together like the rivers of the land. Each woman has travelled her own path; over rocks, through valleys, around bends ... bubbling and flowing, until each finally reached the body of water that would contain and express them all together. Sweet, indeed.

As in any culture still deeply rooted in their traditional music, Sweet Water Women believes that the work of music goes beyond entertainment. Music will carry folk through all aspects of life; from joy to sorrow; from ceremony to celebrations - wakes, weddings, festivals and wherever the work of music is needed.

Sweet Water Women bring together the songs of many Nations along with their own original material. Many of the songs honour Mother Earth and her elements; others honour the Great Spirit and our Ancestors who passed down the many teachings that help us reconnect to all of creation. There are songs sung to plants from the planting to the harvest; songs sung by shepherds to their sheep, and still others received in this modern day to uplift and encourage one another.

The core of their music is done on Hand Drums, but the gals make us of any percussion they can get their hands on (besides the ones they make themselves), as well as guitars, flutes, didgeridoo.

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