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Sun In CAPRICORN -ruled by Saturn - Planet of Authority Element: Earth Colours: Red
Capricorn's horoscope
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Music is more that just entertainment (as the Western World would have us believe). It uplifts us; moves us; encourages us; inspires us. Each year there is an album that stands out for me, and i end up playing it on repeat for hours at a time. Here are the albums that have haunted me.

 Favourite albums / year...

*199? Beck 'Mutations'

*2000 The Be Good Tanyas 'Blue Horse'

*2001 Les Batinses 'Tripotages'

*2002 Jan Bell / Melissa Carper 'Songs for my Baby'

*2003 can't remember

*2004 Barley Wik 'dusty lullaby'

*2005 Linda Ronstadt 'Canciones de mi Padre' 

Favorite Music

Besides the folk in my Links page, i do realize that there is amazing established and unknown music all over the world. Here are some of the albums that i cannot leave home without...

Parliament - the Best of...

Latcho Drom - the sound track to the film of the same name - tracing the migration of Gypsy music from Rajasthan India to western Europe

Taraf de Haidouks - Band of Gypsies

Peru Negro - Sangre de un Don

Prison Songs - Historical Recordings from Parchman Farm 1947-48 (Alan Lomax Collection)

Been in the Storm so Long - Spirituals, Folk Tales and Children's Games from John's Island , South Carolina (Smithsonian/Folkways)

Tex-Mex Fiesta - Los Tremendos Gavilanes, Los Cuatitos Cantu, Rubén Vela y sus conjuncto, Los Colores, and Steve Jordan

Lydia Mendoza - all albums, though Con El Mariachi Monumental Sahuayo is quite special and different

Nina Simone - all albums (i haven't found one yet that is not amazing!)


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