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Sun In CANCER -ruled by the Earth's Moon - Planet of Emotions Element: Water Colours: Shades of gray & green
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by Jaap Vanderplas


A selection of fine readings about the pursuit of truth, recommended by Darlene.

 by Jaap Vanderplas

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by Jaap Vanderplas
by Jaap Vanderplas
by Jaap Vanderplas

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Rainbow of Life

While in Northhampton Mass back in '94, i stopped in at a school where a pal of mine (Becca) was teaching. I love visiting different schools across the countries. It always reconfirms my notions that we are all the same. We all want the same things in Life, and we all suffer the same challenges, and sometimes defeats. Becca had asked her Gr. 6 students to draw a picture of their 'home'. Some children drew TV sets. Others drew the nuclear family. Some were not happy pictures at all. Christen Lee Mailler drew the 'Rainbow of Life'. It blew my mind. There's nothing more i need say about it. Check it out for yourselves. Notice the detail...even the Scale, which is relative to Time (rather than distance).