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There are many ways to travel. How easy or difficult is up to you ... and of course, circumstances beyond our control.

1. Attitude

The one thing above all else which will save you in any situation is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Humans are intrinsically the same everywhere. When they encounter happy and contented person, it puts them at ease. In circumstances where we find ourselves needing assistance, those willing to help will almost always go out of their way for a person who is pleasant to be with. Even having a vehicle break down can become an adventure and an opportunity to make new friends and see a bit more of a place you almost missed.
Note: focus on your worst fear, and you will be sure to call it unto you.

2. Personal Road Kit: (having the essentials)

Being prepared is a huge part of the journey. If you wish to maintain somewhat of the lifestyle to which you are accustomed, take it with you. Find small containers to take your favorite items from your bulk supply and compartmentalize them (my specialty!).

For example: ~ shower items ~ bedtime and morning products ~ quick snacks ~
~ office/briefcase ... I use small boxes without lids for easy access.

My personal essentials:

~water (which I fill from every spring or well I can find along the way)
~towel (I usually just use a face cloth: it packs well, dries fast, and does the job)
~toothbrush and Weleda Salt Toothpaste (a little goes a long way)
~soap (Dr Bronners biodegradable for clothes, body, dishes and even teeth!)

~oil (coconut oil for hair, skin, body and cooking; also sesame oil yum yum)
~peanut (or whatever) butter (quick protein and filling)
~extra matches and lighter
~writing instruments and paper
~maps (country, local or as detailed as, which will take you directly to the address of your choice)
~plastic bags (of which we have too many, and can always use for shopping or garbage)
~travel cup (be kind to the planet, and stop throwing away plastic and styrofoam)
~knife (always comes in handy, whether for cutting sage, cheese or roadkill)

for self-defense, I prefer to use my attitude, although I have been known to sleep with a good knife under my pillow now and again.
~phone card "No Connection Fee" is the best for short duration calls:
7-11 (Canada), Ci-Ci (Ontario), and Sam's Club AT&T (USA) cards are the best ones that I have found.
~laundry bag (a small cloth bag in which to put all your stinky road clothes. If you keep them separate from the clean ones, they will all be in one place when you finally have a chance to wash them. Throw the cloth bag in the wash as well!)

TIP: When packing your clothes, try folding them. It is much more space efficient. Rather than using a big suitcase, I prefer to use BOXES! Imagine a box sideways, like a shelf, and store your folded clothes like you would on a shelf. Then store the box, open side up, and voila! You can see everything in it in a glance, without having to disrupt your whole container. One step further, sliding a piece of cardboard in between each article of clothing allows you to remove and replace your clothes, without the friction of fabric dragging unwanted articles out at the same time. (yes, I do spend too much time on the road)



Extreme Hot Weather

~water, water water (for both you and your vehicle)
I reuse 3 different sizes of drinking bottles: 4 Litre (tap) for washing up and radiator; 1L (spring) for easy storage reserve; 1/4L - for bedside and strolling.
~salty foods or salt tablets (dehydration is like a thief in the night)
~brimmed hat or umbrella
~natural fibres (cotton, hemp, linen) to allow breathable coverage in layers

TIP: soak your shirt in cold water before putting it on, for fast relief.

Note: if traveling on a secluded highway, keep air-conditioning off or on the lowest setting, as it causes the engine stress, and leaves you at risk of breaking down.

Cold Weather

~wool, down or fleece are the best fibres for keeping warm
~hat and scarf: keep your head, ears and neck warm
~longjohns (silk is great, as if fits under everything like a second skin; you can get them at Army Stores, like King Sol in Toronto, and some naughty stores, of which I don't know any)
~mummy bag (minimizes heat loss: then again, so does a partner)
~miso soup (or another favorite powder soup which you can inflate at any gas station)

3. Vehicle Road Kit

I have a theory about vehicles...since they are made up of molecules, like us...and also work on electricity, like us... then they respond to vibration and Energy, like us.

We are all functioning on electrons and neural pathways: anything that blocks the flow of Energy will cause malfunction. nice to your vehicle. Even talk to it, or sing along with it as it hums down the road. I'm serious.

Vehicle Maintenance

Having supplies at hand will save enormous amounts of time and stress:

~fluids of all sorts (water, oil, transmission oil, wiper fluid, coolant)
~rags (always come in handy when spilling fluids of all sorts)
~screwdrivers (flathead, phillips and robertson)
~wrench (that is not wench, but if you like...)

~decent jack and full size spare tire (how often do we get screwed on tour, buying new tires from the slimy garage guy who knows how desperate we are)
~spare fuses, bulbs and belts (avoid silly delays)
~gas siphon and can (if you do run out, make it easy for donations)

Note: Preventative Measures are always the best way to go. Stop by one o' them Lube places. They're great. They will do a 30-point check for you: oil, brake lines, belts, fluid levels, plugs: Since they are not mechanics, they will not be doing any repair work and so they will only tell you what you actually need to replace.


I hope some of these tips can come in handy for you. After all, what are we here for, if not to make life a little less difficult for each other!

PS. Did I remember to mention how effective smiling is?

Bon Voyage!


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