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*BONUS: Full MP3 of "This is the Blues"

Darlene & Co.
"Absence of Uniformity"


Romeo & Juliet

Jazz Thang


Mitakuye Oyasin

Get It Together

Sing For My Supper

Ain't No Machine

Little Bit

This is the Blues (FULL MP3)

Don't Cry For Louie

About This Album:

The disc "Absence of Uniformity" is a far cry from her second release in genre, being ultimately more jazz inflected than rootsy; yet still provides a solid basis for what came on her second CD "Motel Darlene". Having been recorded virtually "on the fly" with many of Darlene's California connections, the only real thread between songs is Darlene's distinctive voice, which easily moves from a whisper to a scream and back again.

Paying tribute to many of her heroes (musicians, friends, family & pets) the songs found here reflect a mind very much intune with it's surroundings and situations. Some songs are infectious and "sing-along-able" (7-11, Romeo & Juliet, Don't Cry for Louie) while some are toe tappers (Jazz Thang, Ain't No Machine) and others are dreamy and emotional (Mitakuye Oyasin, This is the Blues). All in all, they comprise an album that lifts you from one daydream to the next, swiftly and efficiently.

The musicians on each song add a subtle flavoring to what Darlene calls a sort of "musical soup". All being standouts in their instrumental abilities, it is like Darlene had an instinctive if not deep spiritual knowledge of which arrangement would work best which each of the musicians. In the end you get a timeless album which rivals some of the classic rock and blues releases from years gone by. Much of the album is reminiscent of the powerful "Big Brother & the Holding Company" virtuosity and easily makes it's mark on the Root's music family tree.

Looking at this release and comparing it to what followed, it leaves one wondering where Darlene's musical journeys might see her next. It might be safe to say that no matter which road she is found upon, Darlene will still be blazing a trail that will leave convention and uniformity in a dusty drift at the last turn.

Absence of Uniformity - Released and Copyrighted 1993. Recorded at Signet Sound Studios. Mastered at Pacific Ocean post.

Credits - Darlene: Vocals, Guitar, Digeridoo, percussion. Noah Shain: Drums. John Nason: lead guitar . Walt Vincent: bass. Manny Verzosa "harp". Tree: Viola & Sax. Jason Hiller: bass. Chris Joyner: piano & "harp". Bob Lacarr: "harp". Rami Jaffee: Hammond Organ. Peter Yanowitz: drums. Kit Parry: Back up vocals.

Engineered by Ken Felton, Craig Matthews, Rick Norman, Earl Martin. Mastered by John Nason and Tim Claman. Executive Produced by Craig Matthews. Produced by Darlene.

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