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Whooping is a lot like life. Once you initiate it, it has its' own momentum.
Our toughest work is to figure out how we fit into that momentum.

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Photos © David Wiewel

Photo by David Weiwel
Photos © David Wiewel


Most of us lead a fairly sedentary life, what with school, work, computers, tvs, driving...etc. This can lead to all sorts of back, leg and hip problems, not to mention the state of our internal organs being compacted in one small area. While Hula Hooping of the old was a fun pastime that typically involved the waist, Darlene's Whooping Workshop involves the whole body. The whoop moves from the hands and arms, to over the head, down the body, around the body; while the body learns to move around the whoop. Whooping loosens the spine and joints, and massages the abdomen. It increases circulation to all the muscles and tissues, as well as stretching and strengthening the muscles. It's about balancing the body and the brain, while challenging and developing your own skills. When done in both directions, using the waist or arms, we can create a new balance in our bodies, improve dexterity, and even affect our brain patterns, using our stronger side to teach our weaker side. It's a simple tool/toy that can be used by all ages. Children have a great time making up new games with whoops; older ones challenge their skills and each other in sport: inspiring us all how to look beyond the obvious.

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"After witnessing the number of happy 'Whoopsters' that emerged from Darlene's workshops at the Northern Lights Festival last summer, I decided if ever I ended up at the same festival as Darlene again, I would take her workshop. So at Blue Skies Music Festival, along with a field full of other novices, I picked up a whoop. Darlene taught us first the basic moves and then the more elegant and challenging moves. It's one of the few workshops at a festival that is truly participatory. It's fun and focused and it carries you away.

From the February 2005 Issue of Prevention


Whoop it up!

If you liked hula-hooping as a kid, you're going to love the latest take on this retro fad - heavy hoops. Compared with traditional lightweight hooops, these foam-covered, steel (?), 1-7 pound rings make your abs and obliques work harder and can more than double your calorie burn.

Rigorous gyrating with a weighted hoop can raise your heart rate to scorch up to 110 calories in 10minutes - as much as running a brisk mile. "Moderate hula-hooping will burn fewer calories, but the workout is still impressive," says our scientific tester, Len Kravitz, PhD, an exercise scientist at the University of New Mexico.

Selene Yeager

"Darlene, we are having a great time with the whoops and it adds to our wonderful exercise program. Thank you so much."

Lyn Sievert: owner of Curves of Cadillac, Lake City, Evart & Reed City, Michigan


It's different than any other workshop I've done. Adults love it. Teenagers love it. Kids love it; little ones and big ones (like me) alike.

Katherine Wheatley, Singer/Songwriter, Canada