Darlene: A pretty gurl, is like a melody...

Venus is all about Love & Beauty...

Sun In TAURUS -ruled by Venus - Planet of Love & Money Element: Earth Colour: Pale Blue
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Darlene is a 'bird of many feathers'.

Living on the Road for over 12 years, has given Darlene a different sense of folk-roots, seasoned with styles ranging from European, Gipsy, First-Nations and roots of American Folk music. Her vibrant & expressive performance style reveals a well-travelled musician with an infective sense of spirit & joie de vivre, bringing traditional & original music to life. With stories of characters along the roads, Darlene's rich, strong voice evokes a different character from each tale. Combine that with a myriad of instruments, Darlene's show is always crucial & spellbinding.

"A cult Roots act in the making!" -Dublin Events Guide, Ireland

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