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Sun In TAURUS -ruled by Venus - Planet of Love & Money Element: Earth Colour: Pale Blue
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Myshkin at Rock Lake, Ontario
©2002 David Wiewel

Myshkin sings like a bird, plays like an inmate and writes like she's lived every story. Since landing in New Orleans in 1993, she has made six albums, garnered various awards and toured nonstop, playing festivals, clubs and concerts from Sydney to Seattle, Berlin to Boston. In 2002 Myshkin moved to the west coast, pulled together a lush little band, Myshkin's Ruby Warblers, and released rosebud o bullets, the best record of her critically lauded catalogue. It is being distributed nationally by Burnside, and getting attention on both sides of the atlantic.

"Smart, sad and weird, Myshkin's Ruby Warblers strike out with a restless, caterwauling freedom, the women in her songs beautiful lost ballad heroines." - the village voice 10/02 -- -- PH(800) 825. 0321

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