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Where did she go?

Posted April 6, 2011

Bab Derb (as of Dec '10)

I only intended on staying in Morocco for 10 days. It's now April 6th ... and i'm finally leaving.

On Day 10 i accidentally joined a band. With an open agenda and hands swollen from Rh. Arthritis, a band sounded like the best idea in a long time. I settled in to Arab life on the outskirts of Marrakech where the band rehearsed and waited for the men to arrive each day. It was fun but slow-moving (apparently, it is still in the 14th Century in the Arabic year ... that might be why we seemed to move backwards often).

Living in an Arabic country is not an easy feat for a social girl like me. Most local women have their circles and don't stray from them and most local men who would befriend a foreign woman usually have ulterior motives. My quest to engage in some Berber culture was abandoned as my only opportunities thus far were paying to ride a camel owned by a Berber guide. You can visit museums about the culture, but it's not like going to a Pow Wow or attending a Sweat Lodge.

It was a very isolated and challenging winter ... but not without rewards. A new project has birthed with Yassine, the percussionist and i now speak French!

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