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darlenYa releases new album 'CURVES AHEAD'

Posted June 1, 2014

CURVES AHEAD by darlenYa

darlene darlenya's new album

* Seth Bernard (Earthwork Music) calls it “Unprecedented”

* A truly amazing album. Magnificent! -John Sinkevics (Local Spins)

June 1st marks the official release of darlenYa’s long awaited new album ‘CURVES AHEAD’. Like the many roads she’s traveled over the course of 1/2 her life, this one is a windy one. A road that while you’re sure it continues, each wind brings an unexpected turn of events, new challenges, tough lessons and communities of people doing amazing things.

'CURVES AHEAD' is yet another evolution bridging the gap between styles, sometimes within the same song. More than that, darlenYa takes you by the hand and on a journey through the enigmatic terrain that has been her teacher. It has sounds of New Orleans jazz, soul, funk, native american, ranchero, reggae, samba & calypso; there are chickens, waltzes, dramatic instrumentals, a zapatista song and a song for the water. It is an embodiment of her world.


Magnificent. A truly amazing album. A delicious stew.
This non-paralleled singer-songwriter is back with an all-encompassing musical project that will turn some heads. darlenYa knows no bounds in blending a delicious stew of genres into her music: rock, jazz, calypso, samba, folk, you name it. If as darlenYa suggests “music is food for the soul,” then this is a real feast. - John Sinkevics

Epic - Tony Roth (aka T-Rex)

Totally engaging. - Nan Yarnelle

You have given us everything! - David Roll

Innovative and mind elevating and pure fun CD. Soul food for sure. Nourishing. - Robbie Anderman

Quel grand Bonheur de te ré-entendre ! Ta voix et tes chansons me manquaient. J'ai retrouvé sur ce disque tout ce que j'aimais de toi. Merci de l'avoir fait. - Eric Robitaille, CBC Radio, Canada

A marvelous banquet for the soul, so global - so encompassing: jazz, african, arabic, the McGuire Sisters, heavy metal, hindu, mexican, native american, dixie land, honky tonk - a potpourri of what music is all about. Every note, every instrument, every musician so fulfilling! - Mom

I just LOVE your new album....it's starts so wonderfully and gets real groovy, really fast. Such maturity in so many ways. And fantastic instrumentation and arrangements. It's a real sound journey through cultures and countries and eras...gorgeous and raunchy and you! You should be so proud! - Tannis Slimmon (award-winning singer/songwriter, Canada)

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